Stephanie’s Live Piano Hotline

I’m working with Springboard for the Arts’ Artist’s Respond: Combating Social Isolation. The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in increased levels of social isolation in our communities, as an artist in Minnesota I want to create moments of joy, solace, solidarity, sharing, and a sense of connection – for those who are feeling most isolated in these pandemic times. We are ardently working to ensure community building in this era where many of us are forced to isolate-and what better way to do that than to share music? I’m reaching out to local retirement communities, and long term care facilities to see if there’s an interest in having residents experience live piano music for one hour via Zoom. I will be performing a Live Piano Hotline in order to combat social isolation during the holiday season. This is a free event. I will play a variety of piano music including Classical, Rock, Pop, Holiday, and Broadway. The dates for the Live Piano Hotline are 12/6 at 10:00am, 12/10 at 6:00pm, 12/12 at 3:00pm, and 12/19 at 3:00pm. Please let me know if your residents would be interested in listening to live piano music at a distance.

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